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Sunday, April 20

  • Salem

    ''WGN America's first scripted drama is American Horror Story Lite, a conventional dark fantasy with an unconventional angle on history.''

  • Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

    ''Geochemist Clair Patterson calculated the age of the earth and publicized the dangers of lead. Something to think about next time you're about to mention how awesome you are at beer pong.''

  • Game of Thrones

    ''Tywin extends an olive branch. Into someone's skull?''

  • Devious Maids

    ''Eva Longoria proves even the dreams of hot, famous executive producers can come true by directing this episode.''

Monday, April 21

  • Season Finale


    ''Archer tries to assist Lana with her baby delivery while Krieger rushes to prevent a dangerous weapon from being delivered.''

  • The Voice

    ''And the live shows begin. All twelve finalists get to perform live in front of the judges, and this is the first time we viewers get a chance to vote for our favorite vocalists.''

  • Friends With Better Lives

    ''Zoe Lister-Jones as the single lady, Rick Donald as the Australian guy, and the assumption that their next respective projects will be more entertaining than this.''

  • The Following

    ''Joe Carroll (James Purefoy) has a plan, and, of course, it involves killing a bunch of people.''

Tuesday, April 22

  • Inside Amy Schumer

    ''This episode of the stand-up's sketch show kicks off in saucy fashion with a Viagra-style ad encouraging men who have an erection lasting more than four hours to call her (''If I can't wrestle that gator down, no doctor will be able to'').''

  • Deadliest Catch

    ''Sig Hansen's 18-year-old daughter joins the crew of the Northwestern this season. Which I'm sure will not cause any problems at all.''

  • True Tori

    ''This is Tori Spelling's fourth reality show. One more and I believe she gets a free sandwich.''

  • The People's Couch

    ''Why watch TV when you can watch people watching TV (albeit, yes, still via the medium of TV)?''

Wednesday, April 23

  • The Americans

    ''Philip Jennings (Matthew Rhys) has always been the more conflicted half of the kick-butt KGB couple, but after the accidental death of a civilian in this episode, the simmering operative finally boils over like borscht in an unattended pot.''

  • Modern Family

    ''They've already taken a jaunt to Las Vegas this season, and in this episode, they're soaking up the sun in Australia.''

  • Flipping Out

    ''Interior design? Boring. Interior design by always sassy Jeff Lewis? Worth flipping (ha!) the channel to.''

  • Ali G: Rezurection

    ''Sacha Baron Cohen's Ali G learns about womens' rights in this episode, so we may be looking at him as the feminist movement's new leader. Scarier things have happened.''

Thursday, April 24

  • Season Finale

    Parks and Recreation

    ''In the sixth season finale, Leslie (Amy Phoeler), Ben (Adam Scott), and Andy (Chris Pratt) make their way to San Francisco for a National Parks Conference''

  • Bad Teacher

    ''Based on the movie, but without Justin Timberlake. So is it even worth it?''

  • Vikings

    ''Together the men march towards King Ecbert's villa, blissfully unaware of what awaits them.''

  • Black Box

    ''This drama about a bipolar neurologist named Dr. Catherine Black (Kelly Reilly) dreams of being House, but the exposition-packed pilot at times resembles Rob Corddry's medical spoof Childrens Hospital.''

Friday, April 25

  • The Writers' Room

    ''What does it take to make The Walking Dead? Other than a tanker of fake blood, of course.''

  • Last Man Standing

    ''Ryan wants Boyd to enter a mutton-busting contest to help build his confidence (by being thrown off a walking sweater?).''

  • Iceberg Slim: Portrait of a Pimp

    ''Profile of the pimp, author, and lettuce fan (possibly).''

  • I Found the Gown

    ''Okay, folks, we can all stop looking for the damn thing!''

Saturday, April 26

  • The Real History of Science Fiction

    ''Space. The final frontier. And the subject of this week's episode. With Nichelle Nichols. That is all.''

  • My Cat From Hell

    ''Animal behaviorist Jackson Galaxy tries to solve conflicts between cats and their owners. With a name like Jackson Galaxy, how can he fail?''

  • Starving in Suburbia

    ''Callie Thorne (Necessary Roughness) and Laura Wiggins (Shameless) star in this TV movie about a teenage dancer who becomes anorexic.''

  • Ghost Adventures

    ''Not going on your own adventure this Saturday evening? Then tag along with some ghost hunters — you won't get a hangover, but you may get a sleepless night. You win some, you lose some.''

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