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Saturday, October 25

  • Doctor Who

    Apparently the Doctor has run out of aliens to fight, so now he must take on a much more invasive species: trees.

  • My Cat From Hell

    A feline who pees everywhere may drive a roommate to move out.

  • High School Possession

    School paper + church youth group + exorcism + BFF in trouble + Lifetime = maybe just the first 20 minutes...

  • Survivor's Remorse

    Newly minted hoops star Cam Calloway is angling for a sick shoe deal.

  • The Good Witch's Wonder

    You know Ichabod Crane would totally have a crush on Cassie Nightingale.

  • Scorned: Love Kills

    This episode is titled ''The Virgin and the Bachelorette,'' so...maybe the full hour.

  • D-Day to Victory

    Let's learn about a WWII skirmish called the Battle for Caen, which few people know ended with William Shatner shaking with anger and shouting, ''CAAAAAEEENNNNN!''

  • Austin City Limits

    Jeff Tweedy is joined by son/drummer Spencer, who should just make his 11 p.m. curfew.

  • 10 Things You Don't Know About

    Henry Rollins digs up gold-rush truth nuggets. 49ers QB Joe Montana's golden arm was metaphorical?

Sunday, October 26


    Boardwalk Empire

    It's curtains for the crime drama where loyalties are being shattered, bodies are piling up, and people are still getting their drink on.

  • Masterpiece: Death Comes to Pemberley

    P.D. James' cheeky mash-up of Pride and Prejudice and Agatha Christie gets a snoozy treatment in this two-night event (part 2 airs Nov. 2).

  • Once Upon a Time

    Regina unenthusiastically aligns with Emma to track down the villainous Snow Queen (Elizabeth Mitchell), with guidance from the man in the mirror.

  • Oprah: Where Are They Now?

    A Different World cast members reunite after some relaxing, relating, and releasing.

  • Homeland

    Carrie attempts to ''earn the trust of a frightened asset.''

  • The Good Wife

    Michael J. Fox, Carrie Preston, Kyle MacLachlan, and Ana Gasteyer return!

Monday, October 27

  • Mike Tyson Mysteries

    As a heavyweight champ, Mike Tyson was a tornado of speed and power — a human Tasmanian Devil. It's fitting that he's finally an animated character, though he's traded in his boxing gloves for a sleuthing hat.

  • Mr. Dynamite: The Rise of James Brown

    The film's juicy, driving backbeat comes from interviews with Brown's musicians as they recall his management style, his troubled personality, and, in the case of drummer Melvin Parker, that time the percussionist stuck a loaded gun in his boss' face.

  • Gotham

    A killer begins targeting the firstborn of Gotham's elite, while Gordon is confronted by past decisions.

  • Scorpion

    Team Scorpion must pass a mandated psych evaluation, although you might think merely the fact that they're called Team Scorpion would be enough to fail them.

  • Castle

    Castle and Beckett face off against a social media sociopath.

  • Drumline: A New Beat

    This sequel to the Nick Cannon vehicle centers on Dani (Alexandra Shipp), an aspiring drummer who joins the competitive A&T line.

Tuesday, October 28

  • Benched

    Just the credits for Benched will excite fans of cult (and canceled) comedies.

  • Friends of the People

    Equipped with rising talents such as the Lucas Brothers (22 Jump Street), the fresh quick-hit sketch show offers various kinds of laughs.

  • Marry Me

    In what one assumes is an attempt to get To Catch a Predator back on air, Annie and Jake plan a haunted house in their apartment for the kids in the building.

  • NCIS: New Orleans

    The team investigates the murder of a woman whose body was found in a cemetery with puncture wounds on her neck.

  • Supernatural

    A string of werewolf attacks points to a surprising culprit.

  • About a Boy

    Turns out Fiona is not the biggest fan of Halloween.

  • Sons of Anarchy

    How do you flush out a rat? Well, you're going to want to hold down the toilet handle, for sure.

Wednesday, October 29

  • Arrow

    Arrow celebrates its 50th episode by swamping Starling City with more returns than a bad day at Target.

Thursday, October 30


    The McCarthys

    On this sitcom about a basketball-obsessed Boston clan, Laurie Metcalf stands out as matriarch Marjorie, who calls her charming out-and-proud son Ronny (Tyler Ritter) her best friend.

  • The Biggest Loser

    One of the teams is sent to temptation-filled Las Vegas, where they give you free, calorie-packed booze just for sitting down at a poker table. (I know, right? Best. Place. On earth.)

  • Scandal

    A convicted murderer reaches out to Olivia, who presumably refers him to...

  • How to Get Away With Murder

    ...this show.

  • Slednecks

    Slednecks follows friends as they goof around in Alaska—which is, of course, also how we almost ended up with Sarah Palin as vice president.

Friday, October 31

  • Grimm

    It begins with a Hexenbiest using a two-headed serpent to execute a blood transfusion. It ends with de-Grimmed Nick (David Giuntoli) and treacherous Adalind (Claire Coffee) switching consciousnesses.

  • Last Man Standing

    Mike offers Mandy advice on setting aside money to pay taxes on her struggling online clothing business.

  • Cristela

    Cristela fails to persuade Josh to join her in dressing up as Hall & Oates for Halloween.

  • Deal With It

    Contestants must obey all instructions given through an earpiece by host Theo Von and celebrity guests like this week's Ross Mathews.

  • Shark Tank

    An entrepreneur has a product designed to appeal to the ''urban beardsman.''

  • Constantine

    Constantine must protect a mining community from an ancient Welsh spirit.

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